Gin and Tonic

If Your Name’s Not Down You’re Not Getting Gin!

60th Anniversary Corporate Event at The Lowry Hotel

Here at LOFT ONE12 we love a G&T so what better way to spend Valentines Day then sharing a gin inspired corporate event at The Lowry Hotel.

The evening started at cocktail hour, with guests enjoying an impressive view of Manchester whilst sipping on a Gin and Tonic.

After a walk down memory lane it was then an evening of indulgence at The Lowry Hotel. A decadent menu created by renowned chief Aiden Byrne, expertly designed and delivered to compliment the rest of the evenings entertainment.

As much as it was an evening to appreciate the past, it was also a great opportunity to be inspired by the future. The tech based event decor provided the perfect settings for the presentation of tech based influencers to give guests an insight into tomorrow’s world.

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