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Top 5 Reasons For Hiring A Professional Event Photographer

So you’ve spent weeks, if not months planning your next corporate event. The venue, caterers and entertainment are all booked. Everything is in place, it’s going to be the biggest event of the year and the talk of the office for the months following.

But what about photographs?

Of course everybody who attends will have their phones out snapping away. You’re confident they’ll be posting them online with hashtags too. But what about capturing the production leading up to the event, the hassle of getting all the photos together in the aftermath and will the quality be up to scratch!

If you’re not already convinced that hiring a professional event photographer is a must then let LOFT ONE12 give you our Top 5 reasons.


Employee Engagement

Many employees in today’s job market quickly feel uninspired by their work, get bored after 2 years and start job hunting for something new – SnackNation

Corporate events and conferences present the perfect opportunities to align your company with a purpose and communicate this and other insider information with your people.

A successful event will often leave your people feeling involved and committed. But what happens in the days, weeks and months after the event?

Don’t let that experience dwindle! Hiring an event photographer is a great way to increase the longevity of those experiences.

Sharing positive images on internal websites and social media is a great way to keep that “feel good factor” going.

Event photography is also a brilliant way to involve those who couldn’t attend or who joined the business after the event.

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Human Touch

Adding a human touch to your online presence can be seen as a way of letting your existing and potential clients see beneath your brand.

However here at LOFT ONE12 we believe that you and your people are your brand. They share your vision, are involved in your mission and help create your philosophy.

Sharing imagery from team events allows your clients and prospects to delve further into your brand. It’ll showcase your culture and commitment to improving your services.

Strangers, prospects and customers will appreciate being able to identify with your company outside of their normal business interactions with you – www.weidert.com


Marketing Collateral

It’s something tangible that increases a business’s validity and professionalism, while also serving as an informational tool and a reminder to buy – www.business2community.com

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “We need some good images for this display”, “this brochure” or “this press release”?

Then spent hours searching through stock photography sites for suitable images only to realise that a stock images lacks that personal touch?

An event photographer can help you kill two birds with one stone!

Consider using your event images for press releases, direct mail and other marking collateral and help avoid those long hours scouring through expensive stock images.

Corporate Event Manchester



Whether your event had a few hiccups or in the unlikely event that it all went smoothly, you’re going to need to evaluate.

Looking back at your event to see what went well and what needs improving is the best way to give future events the best possible chance of succeeding.

Was your theme strong enough? Did you choose the right venue? Were your delegates satisfied?

Any decent event photographer is going to emphasise the positives, but at LOFT ONE12 we’ll go one step further. During and after the event we’ll be available to evaluate the photography with you to see what production areas can be improved.

That which can be measured can be improved, and in event planning and management measurement is critical for evaluating an event’s success and for creating actions to improve future events – eventjuice.co.uk


Promoting the Next Event

Promoting a large event or conference can sometimes feel like you’re scaling Mount Everest on a unicycle sans oxygen, but with the right tools and strategy, you’ll be guaranteed success – brandwatch.com

Make it easy on yourself, let your last event do the talking!

Put your photography to work. Showcase what a fantastic event you put on, highlight what a great time your delegates had and make your next event unmissable.

Pick out the best pieces of your event photography for marketing collateral and adopt a multi-faceted event marketing strategy.

Now that you’re putting into practice your evaluation process using the photography from your previous events, it’s a sure thing that your future events are going to be a success!

Gin Drinks Reception

So there we have it! 5 excellent reasons for LOFT ONE12 as your professional event photographer. Make sure to head over to our Events page to find out how choosing LOFT ONE12 could be the best investment for your next event.

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