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Taking a HIIT With David Lloyd Derby

Recently Loft One12 were commissioned by David Lloyd Derby to create content for the official launch party for Blaze, their HIIT style group workout.

Blaze PWR Bag equipment
PT demonstrates combat exercise

Blaze! That Sounds a bit Fancy!

It sure is! The Blaze studio is equipped with all the best fitness gear to help you achieve the best fitness gains during their HIIT style workout. From combat skills, to strength and cardio, this group training session covers it all.

Group Photo with Rammie
Training with free weights
Saxophonist Entertainer

Seems Like Hard Work!

Without a doubt! Blaze is a HIIT style group workout, so it’s designed to ramp up your metabolic rate, allowing you to maximise your workout in a shorter amount of time.

There’s nowhere to hide either. Your personal Blaze equipment keeps track of your heart rate  and sticks it up on the big screen, making sure you remember to go hard before you go home.

But the trainers work hard at making it a fun environment for the group. By performing varying exercises to a motivating soundtrack the time flies by.

So did you get Involved?

Of course we did! Taking plenty of photos and producing a highlight clip. Chasing around the instructors and participants was pretty intense.

The event itself was impressive. David Lloyd had invited club members to experience Blaze first hand in their newly opened Blaze Studio.

Everybody went away pumped with Dax On Sax providing the perfect soundtrack to the high intensity workout. With social media blowing up way before anyone even hit the showers.

The content produced by Loft One12 was used on David Lloyd Derby’s website, social media accounts and sent to local media outlets. Promoting the launch of Blaze in addition to providing future marketing collateral.

When creating content for our clients we always take into consideration both photography and videography. Having both photos and videos allows our clients to keep their content fresh and engaging.

You can check out the Blaze Official Launch Clip below on our Vimeo page.

If you’re producing an event, get in touch to discuss how Loft One12 can create content for you.

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